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D flat

Composer, pianist, Tokyo, Japan

Started classical piano at the age of four. When he was in the 5th grade, he was in charge of the piano in the Ni-Ni-Zemi (22 Cicadas) Orchestra, an elementary school jazz band. Participated in the "TBS Children's Music Contest" with the same band, and won the Excellence Award at the East Japan Tournament. Learned composition methods in junior high school and high school. Studied composition under Yujiro Furuma. While studying in Indiana, studied piano under Ms. Fitzpatrick at the Department of Music at DePauw University.

After graduating from a domestic university, completed the graduate school at Princeton University.

Since his CD debut from Sony Music in 2007, he has provided music for NHK, TBS, MBS TV, J-WAVE programs, etc.

March 2017 New CD was released from Universal Music.

Although he worked for a foreign-affiliated financial institusion for long years, he now 100% focuses on the music composition.

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