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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Date and time  December 11, 2016 (Sun) 1630 opening, 1800 starting

(2 stages with a break, the contents are different)

Appearance D flat (piano, keyboard)

  Saori Nakazawa (violin) Naoki Yamamoto (cello) Yuka Yamaguchi (oboe)

Venue Blues Alley Japan

  3 minutes walk from Meguro station

price  There are two types of tickets sold in advance.

  4500 yen (music charge)

               * A separate seat charge of 540 yen will be charged on the day of the event.

11000 yen (with music charge, dinner and one drink)

Blues Alley Japan (Meguro, Tokyo) |  with  |  Saori Nakazawa (Vn)  Naoki Yamamoto (Vc)  Yuka Yamaguchi (Ob)

August 28, 2016

Live Juke (Hiroshima)  |  with   |  Yuka Yamaguchi (Ob) Ryoko Yamaguchi (Vn) Tsuyoshi Omachi (Vc)
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