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December 11th (Sat) 1830 start
@ Blues Alley Japan

Live Information   

Blues Alley Japan (Meguro-ku), Saturday , December 11, 2021

1700 opening, 1830 start, end 2050 scheduled

D flat (piano) Kimiko Nakagawa (violin) Eriko Ara (oboe)

Makito Nishiya (cello) Shotaro Hayashi (guitar)


August 1st (Sun) 1830 start
@ Live Juke

Live Information   

Live Juke (Hiroshima City), Sunday, August 1, 2021

1800 opening, 1830 start, end 2030 scheduled

D flat (piano) Ryoko Yamaguchi (violin) Yuka Yamaguchi (oboe)

​ Takeshi Omachi (cello) Shotaro Hayashi (guitar)

2021 live
Produced by the theater unit Kurodai,
appeared on the piano in the March performance

2020 TV

TV TOKYO Drama 25 "Cat" (every Friday from 0:52 midnight) Music


D flat with friends vol.11

Christmas live

@ Blues Alley Japan (Meguro)

December 12th (Sat) 1900 start  

Limited to 50 people live + live streaming

Live Information   

Blues Alley Japan Meguro Saturday, December 12, 2020

1730 opening, 1900 start ending 2120 scheduled

D flat (piano) Kimiko Nakagawa (violin)

Makito Nishiya (cello) Shotaro Hayashi (guitar)

20201001000024d flat2020.png


2020 TV

BS TV Tokyo "Nikkei Plus 10" (Monday to Friday night 10am to 11pm) BGM for weather forecast

  "Thank you"2020/3 / 30-4 / 30

"CANVAS" 2020/5/1 ~ 5/29

"The Letter" 2020/6 / 1-6 / 30


2020 live
June 28 (FriJ) TOKYO FM HALL Classics → Postponed
July 11 (Sat) Hiroshima Museum of Art Canceled

 August 2nd (Sun) Live 19 Hiroshima  Canceled  


Alfa Romeo D Night

@ Grand Hyatt  Tokyo Roppongi

February 18 (Monday)    

Enterprise Event   Ended.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Roppongi), February 18, 2019 (Monday)

Private Event

D flat (piano) Yu Masshiko (violin) Sayoko (violin)

Megumi Ozawa (viola) Hisaka Iio (cello)


D flat with friends vol.9

Christmas live

@ Blues Alley Japan (Meguro)

Saturday, December 1st    


Hiroshima Museum of Art Museum Concert

October 13-14 (Saturday and Sunday) @ Hiroshima Museum of Art

Live Information  Ended.  

Blues Alley Japan Meguro Saturday, December 1, 2018

1730 opening, 1900 start ending 2120 scheduled

D flat (piano) Shiori Takeda (violin)

Makito Nishiya(cello) Eriko Ara (oboe) Shotaro Hayashi (guitar)



Alfa Romeo online magazine


An article was published in Mondo Alfa, an online magazine of the famous Italian car Alfa Romeo.

Please see the blog for details such as shooting.


Hiroshima live decision

August 19th (Sun) 1900 start

@ Live Juke

Live Information   Ended.

Live Juke (Hiroshima City), Sunday, August 19, 2018

1830 opening, 1900 start and end 2100 scheduled

D flat (piano) Ryoko Yamaguchi (violin)

​Takeshi Omachi (cello) Shotaro Hayashi (guitar)


[Working BGM] released on YouTube

​Blog / Works

YouTube of BGM for work has been released.

[Working BGM] piano for relaxing time -When you get tired ... Healing piano piece-

Please listen while drinking tea and working.


Thank you!

Weekend Pianist celebrates its first anniversary


 March 29, 2017.-March 29, 2018.

Weekend Pianist is celebrating its first anniversary.

Thank you for your support. I would like to continue to write many songs! !!


Notice of mini live!

May 12th (Sat) @ Former Takahiro Sonoda Residence

Jiyugaoka starts at 14:00

Live Information

May 2018 May ended.

Weekend Mini Live (Jiyugaoka), Saturday, May 12, 2018

Opening 1330, starting 1400 Social gathering after the performance 1530-1630

D flat (piano) Yuka Yamaguchi (oboe)

Venue Former Takahiro Sonoda House (8 minutes walk from Jiyugaoka Station, Ito House)

5/29 (Mon) 

Music Video released

  "Beyond the horizon"

Cast: D flat Saori ​​​

5/1 (Mon)  New  Album

  "Weekend Pianist"

Listen on ANA international flights (May-June)

3/29 (Wed)  New  Album

  "Weekend Pianist"

"So much" Music Video partially released

New CD "Weekend Pianist" released! !!

The new CD "Weekend Pianist" was released by Universal Music Japan on March 29th. We hope that many people will listen to it.

Release date 2017.03.29.

Part number UICY-15592

Price 2,778 yen + consumption tax

Pre-orders can be made from Universal and Amazon. You can also listen to it on Universal's HP.

In addition, we are planning to hold a release commemorative live in June. We will inform you on the HP as soon as the details are decided.

Monday Masterpiece Theater (MBS / TBS series) "Secret Investigator Dangerous Two" will be broadcast from 20:00 tomorrow!

Starring Yuko Asano and Kenichi Endo. The cast that supports them is also wonderful. We have provided music for this program. looking forward to.

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