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2021.5.5. Survive-Minamisanriku Town People's Year


MBS TV / Myrica Music

2012 MBS TV "Video  After being broadcast in '12, it was aired in Japan and overseas as a documentary film. 10 years after the earthquake, the soundtrack was delivered. The flow of the moon is fast. Only important songs.

DF_DJKfix_final (002).jpg

2020.11.28. Cat soundtrack

Neko Film Partners / TV Tokyo Music

The soundtrack to the TV Tokyo drama 25 "Cat" aired in the fall of 2020. A variety of songs, including piano, oboe, and stringed instruments, reminds us of the two young protagonists.


2017.03.29. Weekend Pianist

Universal Music ¥ 2,778 + tax UICY-15592

The first from USM Japan. 15 songs including the J-Wave program and the song inserted in "The Relics Organizer". It also contains concerts with violin, cello and oboe. The CD package comes with his own commentary. To accompany a relaxing weekend.

2015.01.14. Memento Tracker Aiko Tanizaki


Myrica Music  ¥ 2,400 + tax

D flat's representative work, TBS / MBS TV Monday Golden Theater's series program of the same name (2010-2015). Two masters of classical music were appointed as soloists with heavy use of strings (violin Asuka Sezaki, cello  Makito Nishiya)

2013.05.15. National Treasures of Yamato 


FONTEC  ¥ 2,500 + tax   FOCD9584

The soundtrack version of the program of the same name (2009-2013) that was produced and aired on NHK General TV (Nara Station) in the wake of the 1300th anniversary of the relocation of Heijo. Incorporates strings and Ichimujin's guitar duo.

2007.01.17.  Aperitifs

Sony Music Records   ¥ 2,381 + tax SRCL-6458

D flat's major debut album, piano solo

"I'm sure I can sleep and be healed"

The warm jacket expresses the music.


2010.09.22.   NHK-DVD National Treasures of Yamato

¥ 3,800 + tax COBB-5740


"Beauty" that transcends the space-time of national treasures. While approaching its beauty, we will deliver the "secret story" hidden there, the "wisdom" of old people, and the "thoughts" of people who continue to carefully protect national treasures.
There are more than 1000 national treasures nationwide. Nara, the ancient capital, has about one-fifth of that. In particular, it boasts the largest number of sculptures and buildings in Japan, and since it is the first region in Japan to have a full-fledged capital, there are many artistic and historically valuable ones. We will approach the "beauty" of national treasures that transcends time and space, and unravel the secret stories and wisdom of old people, while sharing not only abundant documentary images but also the thoughts of people who continue to carefully protect national treasures. increase.

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