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Pianist / composer
He made his album debut in 2007 while continuing to work at an international  financial institution,
a moment of rest required by a stressed modern society.  He is now 100% focusing on music creation.
He creates pieces that express with a soft tune that warmly wraps people's heart, and develops live activities.
He also works on TV dramas, documentaries and movies.
New !!
​2024.05.14.   広島ライブ(8月18日)のご案内
​2024.01.03.  Happy new year.
​2023.09.01.   December 10 Chiristmas Live
​2023.05.29.    YouTube  "Gratitude"  Upload
​2023.05.04. Live in Hiroshima, July.23, 2023 Sun 18:30 @LiveJuke
​2023.03.13. New Release - I love trouble shooting, soundtrack
​2023.01.14.Hitomonchaku nara Yorokonde - I love trouble shooting
​2022.01.07.  Happy new year.
​2022.08.29.         December 11th  Christmas Live 
​2022.07.05. Isetan Mitsukoshi x Tokyo National Museum Short Movie
​2022.06.28. August 7 Hiroshima Live No.7 Notice
​2022.04.18. May 14 Hiroshima Museum of Art Museum Concert
​2022.01.27. Happy new year.
​2021.09.02. December 11th Christmas Live 
​2021.5.22. Hiroshima Live No.6 on August 1st
2021.5.5. New Release - MBS TV documentary "Survive-Minamisanriku Town People's Year" (2012)
2021.2.16.  Decided to appear in the theater unit "Kimi ni 1hiku Monogatari, Online  (I play music for you via Online)" produced by Kuroda! !!
Saturday and Sunday, March 13-28, 2021
​2021.2.16. Thank you, Mr. Chick Corea 
2021.1.19. Happy new year.
​2020.11.30. New Release - "Cat" soundtrack distribution started
2020.11.13. Drama 25 "Cat" TV TOKYO Music
Broadcast tonight! Friday midnight 0:52
​2020.10.08. December 12 Christmas Live  
​2020.07.31. August 2 Hiroshima Live No.6 canceled  
​2020.06.18. Notice of Hiroshima Live No.6 on August 2nd
​2020.06.03. BS TV Tokyo "Nikkei Plus 10" Weather Forecast BGM  "The Letter"
​2020.06.03. Notice of cancellation of concert on July 11th
​2020.05.02. BS TV Tokyo "Nikkei Plus 10" Weather Forecast BGM  "CANVAS"
​2020.04.10. Notice of postponement of concert on June 26th
​2020.03.31. BS TV Tokyo "Nikkei Plus 10" Weather Forecast BGM "Gratitude"
​2020.03.22. Live information in 2020
​2020.01.02. Happy new year.
2019.12.26. Thank you for your coming to Christmas live
​2019.09.02. Christmas live information on Sunday, December 15th! !! @ Blues Alley Japan
​2019.08.12. It's finally next week! Hiroshima Live 5th August 18th (Sun) 1830 start
​2019.06.03.  Hiroshima Live 5th August 18th (Sun) 1830 start
2019.03.02.  Alfa Romeo D Night
2019.01.26. Thank you,  Mr. Michele Legrand .
2019.1.11. Happy new year.
2018.10.17. Hiroshima Museum of Art Mini Concert  October 13-14
​2018.09.01.  12/1 19:00 Christmas live information! !! @ Blues Alley Japan
​2018.09.01.  Hiroshima Museum of Art Mini Concert October 13-14
​2018.07.01. Alfa Romeo Online Magazine
​2018.06.05.  Hiroshima Live 4th August 19th (Sun) 1900 start
2018.05.06. [Working BGM] YouTube release
​2018.03.29. Weekend Pianist 1st Anniversary Release
​2018.03.10. May 12 Weekend MiniLive @ Former Takahiro Sonoda House
​2018.01.08. Started in 2018
​2017.12.11. Christmas live end
2017.09.10. 12/10  18:00  The annual Christmas live  @ Blues Alley Japan (Meguro)
2017.08.01. 8/4 12:00  Appear on Hiroshima FM
2017.06.19. Music Video released "So much, So little"

   (The flowing picture-story show beautifully depicts the movement of the characters' hearts )

2017.05.29. Music Video released "Beyond the horizon" Cast: D flat Saori

(Mr. Saori is appearing in the movie "Hikari" currently being released-exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival directed by Naomi Kawase)

​2017.05.28. It's finally live next week! @JZBrat
2017.05 .01. Appeared in ANA International Audiobook
​2017.03 .29      New CD  "Weekend Pianist" is on sale! !!
​2017.03.05 . June 4th New CD "Weekend"  Pianist "Release Commemorative Live @ JZBrat
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